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Residential Concrete Services in Calgary


Do you need a beautiful concrete sidewalk or a garage slab? Perhaps, concrete pads or some specialty concrete services are what you are looking for! Astro Minimix has you covered for all your residential concrete delivery services in Calgary. We offer a variety of concrete products for your residential projects. If you require lego blocks for retaining walls, Astro Minimix is your destination. We also are small load specialists and have small trucks that can easily fit in tight spaces. Our trucks can transport the raw materials and complete the job as per your requirements. We also help you save money by only charging for the amount of material you use. If you are left with extra concrete left, you can have us collect it back, and you will not have to pay for that. We are open 6 days a week and also offer same-day services.

Our on-demand concrete delivery is ideal for residential projects such as:

Concrete patios and steps

Driveways, sidewalks or walkways

Foundations or parking pads

Retaining walls and footers

Concrete repair

Garbage or barn floors

Coloured and decorative concrete

Call us to discuss your requirements today!


We offer high-quality lego blocks that are easy to install and feasible across diverse areas of application. From retaining walls, sign bases, and designating areas to foundations, you can use lego blocks for a variety of residential projects. Our lego blocks come in the size of 20x20x40 inches. If you need lego blocks to construct driveways and anti-ways, stress blocks, water bells and more, we can match you with great prices. At our facility, we also carry an assortment of concrete and landscape prep materials for all kinds of residential projects.


Have any questions about our products and services or want a quote? Just give us a call. We can deliver any material you want around your schedule. Every day, we maintain a stock of up to 300 blocks. Delivery available by request. 

Keep These Tips Handy

Over time, concrete structures will need maintenance and cleaning to regain its original appearance.

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